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50 Christmas Gift Ideas For Everyone On Your List

Welcome to the first Christmas gift guide of the season! I'm starting off the holiday season with the ULTIMATE gift guide... 50 gift ideas that are perfect for everyone. I'll also be explaining these gift ideas more in depth in a YouTube video, which will be up soon. I'll be doing other gift guides that are more niche throughout the holiday season, as well, so stay tuned for those!

1. Boots
Winter boots are always a great idea! Doc Martins are so popular right now. I also love the Jeffrey Campbell ones.

2. Neon sign
This is particularly great if you know someone who is redoing her room or going off to college soon! You can get a custom one or a premade one.

3. Skincare fridge
I personally think these are a bit weird, but if there's a skincare fanatic in your life I know she would love one of these!

4. Handpainted Bible
This is such a special and unique gift idea! You can get someone a custom Bible with their favorite Bible verse painted on it.

5. Puffer Jacket
If you know someone who lives in a cold climate, a warm, good quality puffer jacket would be the perfect gift.

6. Bible Tabs
These are the perfect stocking stuffer to accompany the handpainted Bible!

7. Film Camera
Film cameras are so popular right now. You can get someone a bunch of disposable ones, or a nice reusable one.

I saw this on TikTok and I thought it was so cool! It's a magnetic key holder that you put on your wall.

I'm a big fan of Dash, and their mini waffle makers are too cute!

10. Embroidered Sweatshirt
These are so popular right now and you can get someone a sweatshirt that matches their interests perfectly!

My sister has this and it's so cool! It's an electric tool that shaves all the polyester pills off of your clothes.

12. Air Force One's
These are the most basic shoe right now... but for good reason! You could also go all out and get someone a custom pair.

I got this for my birthday and I love it! This is the perfect gift for an athlete in your life.

My aux cord recently broke so I definitely need to upgrade to one of these!

15. Bathrobe
My grandparents got me a bathrobe a few years ago and I wear it every single day (I'm wearing it right now!) It's so cozy and perfect for winter!

If someone you know doesn't have Airpods... GET THEM A PAIR. Definitely worth the $$!

17. Beauty Advent Calendar
This is perfect if you're giving someone a gift before Christmas (like at a holiday party) because then she has a little Christmas present to look forward to every day!

18. Fuzzy Shoulder Bag
These bags are so cute and fun! You could also get someone a plain shoulder purse.

I love my JBL speaker and use it all the time. It's so fun for hanging out with friends!

I've heard so many great things about this planner and I really want to try it!

21. Tile
A Tile is a bluetooth keychain that will play a noise if you lose your keys.

This would be such a funny gag gift for someone!

I've heard great things about these and I really want one!

24. Cookbooks
You can never go wrong with a cookbook. I have so many favorites but the Magnolia Table one easily takes the cake.

25. Corkcicle
This is one of my go-to gifts for people! Who doesn't love a cute coffee tumbler?

I got a weighted blanket for my birthday and I love it! It is so cozy.

27. Collage Kit
This is such a fun gift for someone because it's a really cool piece of room decor but it's also fun to put together!

I know I already mentioned sneakers, but these are the only shoes I wear anymore, so I had to include them!

Another one of my go-to gifts! These masks come in packs of 5 for $25 and are so cute.

30. Glossier Makeup
Glossier has amazing skincare and beauty products, and a little gift basket full of their most popular products would be a great idea!

31. Hair Scarves
Hair scarves are so trendy right now, making them the perfect stocking stuffer or secret santa gift.

32. Phone Cases
Cute phone cases are always a necessity. I get all my cases from CaseApp but I also love Casetify's cases!

Lightroom presets are the perfect gift for anyone who loves photography and editing. My favorites are the Aspyn Ovard Presets and the Jaci Marie Smith presets.

34. Layered Necklaces
A nice gold layered necklace is always a great idea! Madewell and Ana Luisa have great options.

35. Tennis Skirts
Tennis skirts are extremely popular right now but they're also pretty expensive, so they're the perfect item if you're looking to get someone a gift on the pricier side.

36. College Merch
College merch is always a smart idea. Etsy has a ton of cute clothing items for colleges!

37. Spotify Frames
These Spotify photo frames are really popular on TikTok and they're great if you know someone has a favorite song or album.

Another big TikTok trend! This style of jeans is so popular right now.

Such a fun family game! My family plays this all the time.

40. Alexa
Another great family gift! There are so many different Alexa products now... one for everyone!

41. Scratch Off Poster
If you know any movie or book fanatics, get them a scratch off poster of the most iconic books/movies. There's also posters for travel, post-covid bucket lists, and more. If you have a boyfriend/girlfriend, it would be so cute to get them a 100 date ideas poster and scratch each date off together!

A perfect stocking stuffer for the skincare fanatic! Pair this with a face mask and you're good to go.

My family got an air fryer a few months ago, and we use it all the time. Perfect for fries, veggies, gnocchi, donuts... the list is endless!

Another perfect idea if you know someone that's headed off to college.

One of the most well-known card games... and for a reason! There are so many different card games you can purchase, but this one is by far the best.

47. Luggage
Another perfect gift for people going off to college! I'm asking for a pink suitcase because I really need a new one.

48. Gold Hoops
I wear my gold hoops daily! I have a large pair from Madewell and a small pair from Ana Luisa. Both are perfect!

This is perfect for the travel fanatic! They can write about places they want to visit, and then reflect on their experiences after they visit.

Be on the lookout for these, because Amazon often has flash sales where these are only 99 cents!

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