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Spring Break Snapshots

My Spring Break was last week, and it was such a good week! I spent the first part of Spring Break at home, and it was so fun: I had a picnic with my friends, we took the doors off the Jeep, and my family and I spent a day in Fort Worth.

On Tuesday, my dad, sister, and I headed to Colorado for a ski trip at Wolf Creek. We drove through New Mexico and ate a bunch of good food, then spent three days skiing. It was so fun and a much-needed getaway!!

I took so many good pictures this past week, so here are a few of my faves!

Had avocado toast with my mom at Modern Market

Obsessed with this outfit combo

Eleanor took the doors off her Jeep and we drove around and got coffee!

Had the cutest picnic at the lake with my friends

More picnic pics!!

My friend Haylie opened her own ring business and gave us all rings at the picnic!

All the rings Haylie gave us!

Shopping at Urban Outfitters in Fort Worth

Stopped at my fave Fort Worth coffee shop, Ampersand!

Lunch at Rodeo Goat... a chicken burger with grilled peaches & caramelized onions

Post lunch pictures!

A cute (but overpriced) flower shop in Fort Worth

Dinner at Tomasita's, one of my favorite Santa Fe restaurants!

GORGEOUS Santa Fe sunset!

On the top of the ski lift

@ Wolf Creek, Colorado!!

Thanks for reading!!

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